What's New on TFC Online

This article was posted July 04, 2018

Dear Kapamilya,

We are pleased to announce the newest page on TFC Online, our What’s New page.

The What’s New page will provide you with:

§  updates about TFC Online – information, articles, newsletters

§  TFC On-ground events in your area that you can visit and participate in

§  upcoming shows and livestream events that will be available for your viewing pleasure

§  promotional offers that we have exclusively made with you in mind

§  newly released features and fixes on the TFC Online website, iOS and Android apps

§  announcements on maintenance schedules

§  a community page where you can place your comments, reactions, questions on using TFC Online

We hope you find the What’s New page useful in providing you with helpful information about TFC Online.

Thank You!

TFC Team