Use your E-wallet credits NOW!

This article was posted July 23, 2018

Dear Kapamilya,


Do you still have credits in your E-wallet? We encourage you to fully consume your E-wallet load balance immediately.


Use ALL of your remaining credits to:


·         RENT the latest Kapamilya Box Office movie titles

·         UPGRADE to Lite or Premium Subscription package


*If you have enough load credits for the product that you want to buy, just select E-Wallet as your payment option and click the START ENJOYING TFC button. It’s as simple as that!


You can also use it as PARTIAL payment together with your Credit Card or PayPal account when you rent a movie or buy a subscription.


*If your load credits are not enough for the price of the product that you want to buy, just select Credit Card or PayPal as your payment option and your available load credits will automatically appear. Click APPLY button to deduct your load credits from the amount of the product that you need to pay.




TFC Team

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New Membership Options!

Excellent news, Kapamilya! We have great new membership options to choose from!

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