Rose Eclarinal

Broadcast Journalist

Rose Eclarinal

The Filipino Channel (TFC) has made its mark as the premier news source for Kapamilyas abroad, with premier programs like "Balitang Global." That's why it's only fitting to have a global citizen deliver the latest in current events as well as relevant stories affecting Filipino communities in different parts of the globe. No doubt, "Balitang Global" senior correspondent Rose Eclarinal fits the bill. She has been with the Kapamilya network since 1998, working as senior producer, story editor, reporter, executive producer, and eventually as correspondent--both here and abroad--in various ABS-CBN news programs. Despite her busy working schedule at the Kapamilya network, Rose Eclarinal didn't rest on her laurels. The University of the Philippines graduate continued to stay up to date with the latest trends in journalism by pursuing post-graduate studies in her alma mater as well as in various institutions abroad, earning Masteral degrees in Aarhus University in Denmark, University of Amsterdam in Netherlands, and Swansea University in Wales, the United Kingdom—all while juggling the demands of being part of the ABS-CBN news team. Soon, she joined the TFC family in ABS-CBN Europe, working as senior correspondent for "Balitang Global." No doubt, with her stellar work record and equally stellar credentials as a Kapamilya journalist, Rose Eclarinal has a bright future ahead of her.
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