Maxxy Santiago

Broadcast Journalist

Maxxy Santiago

If there's anyone who deeply understands the plight of Kapamilyas living in the Middle East, it's "Balitang Global" correspondent Maxxy Santiago. Maxxy Santiago is ABS-CBN Middle East News Bureau's senior correspondent, and she is privy to the ins and outs of living in the Middle East. As part of the The Filipino Channel's (TFC) "Balitang Global" family, she has covered a variety of stories about the Filipino community based there, from Pinoy nurses in Kuwait who are seeking justice against an illegal recruiter, the complicated situation of OFWs who chose to stay in war-torn areas such as Yemen and Iraq, and to the courageous Pinoy volunteers in Kurdistan who helped residents flee ISIS forces. Due to her earnest reporting of relevant and up-to-date news affecting the Middle Eastern Pinoy community, Maxxy Santiago was given the "Most Outstanding OFW" award in 2006 by the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait. Indeed, Maxxy Santiago plays a vital role in shaping the Kapamilya community in the Middle East, as she leads ABS-CBN’s News Bureau in the region. She remains to be a fixture in TFC’s “Balitang Global,” as she makes the stories of our Kapamilyas living in the Middle East heard: both locally and all throughout the globe.
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