“On the Money” speaks with April Lee Tan, VP and Head of Research for Col Financial, as she shares her thoughts on the entry of Axelum and All Home in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). Tan discusses what will be the mood of the stock market investors as the two companies conduct its IPOs amid market volatility. She also discusses the effect of the change in policy when it comes to Chinese offshore gaming hubs to property companies dependent on this industry. Tan also delves into the impact of the environment's deterioration, including the Amazon rainforest fire, and the worsening climate change to the overall business environment. Lastly, Tan gives her comments on the plans of certain countries to move their capital and economic centers to climate-resistant places. Later, Salve Duplito features Astoria Hotel in Boracay and its corporate social responsibility program "Sikap Pinoy 2019". In "Entrep Lab," Paper Notes founders Carl and Paolo Lee and along with Roseberries Manila owner Raesciel Laureles, pitch their products and business ideas to ChocoVron CEO Joey Yala and Papemelroti managing director Patricia Paterno.


    On The Money


    Money is a currency that always seems to be in short supply. Be on the money and stay on top of your finances with ANC's personal finance-oriented show, On The Money. Join On The Money hosts Edric Mendoza, Melissa Gecolea, and Salve Duplito as they discuss everything every Filipino should know about managing their personal finances. From practical tips on saving, short and long term budget planning, and making sound investment decision, On The Money is sure to offer pragmatic advice and effective solutions that will allow you to always be on top of your finances.


    Personal Finance



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