“My Puhunan” shares stories of Filipino moms who reached success through their businesses. The program learns how Skin Magical city distributor Celeste Rubio de Leon emerged successful after becoming a reseller of beauty products. Skin Magical employee Mary Anne recalls the time she left her husband after being severely battered over a small fight. Skin Magical owner Ghie Pangilinan then gives Mary Anne a livelihood package. Later, the program learns how Oink the Grill produces barbecue products which they distribute to several food establishments and customers online.


My Puhunan


My Puhunan: ang katuwang sa pagsimula at tagumpay. Join My Puhunan host Karen Davila as she sets out in search of uplifting stories of people who succeeded in changing their lives for the better. My Puhunan serves as an inspiration to families everywhere who hope for a better life and brighter future. Get inspired as you dream for a better future by watching My Puhunan with Karen Davila.


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