When it comes to love, expect the unexpected. Will there be a happy ending for Joaquin (Daniel Padilla) and Chichay (Kathryn Bernardo)?


    Got To Believe


    An enchanting tale of unexpected love between a rich and spoiled young boy, Joaquin (Daniel Padilla) and Chichay (Kathryn Bernardo), who is a simple girl with big dreams for her family. Joaquin was born to an extremely comfortable life, used to getting everything he wants and needs. An almost-fatal accident pushed Joaquin's mother, Juliana, (Carmina Villaroel) to be overprotective of her son. With a bullet lodged into his head, Juliana decides to keep Joaquin under close watch, making the young man irritable and difficult with the household help. Then came Chichay, an optimistic young lady who was able to bring sunshine into Joaquin's life and sparking interest in the world outside the four corners of the their mansion. The two found comfort in each other's love, only to eventually find out that Joaquin's accident was caused by Chichay's father, Chito (Benjie Paras). Things get more complicated as the conflict involved more people including Joaquin's father,Jaime (Ian Veneracion) and Chichay's mother, Betchay (Manilyn Reynes). Paano magtatagpo ang dalawang magkaibang mundo? Naniniwala ka ba sa magic ng pag-ibig?