Sophie’s (Janella Salvador) strength and faith in G will be put to test as she joins her sister Anne (Yen Santos) in her battle against lupus. What advice will G give Sophie when all hope seems lost? How will she be able to erase the anger in her heart because of the sad fate that awaits Anne? In the end, will Sophie finally accept and trust the plans that G has for her and her family?


    Oh My G!


    Paul and Tessa Cepeda are loving parents to their daughter Sophie (Janella Salvador). Paul, a self-made man wants to give Sophie everything, while Tessa, a devotee of Sta. Teresa of Avila, instills on Sophie the value of mercy, love for others, a life of prayer. But Tessa was gunned down in front of Sophie during a hold-up. Sophie was 10 years old when she lost her Nanay. Left to care for his daughter, Paul tries to give Sophie all the material things she wants. Sophie grows up as a proud and rich teenager, attached to gadgets and social networking sites, thinking that she has everything. But when she turns 16, Paul dies in a car accident. Sophie questions God for all her misfortunes then she soon receives an answer from the Almighty himself.