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“Matanglawin” features the attractions at PlayLab Philippines digital playground. Robinsons Land Corp. special project director Darwin Renolayan tells the benefits of digital technology to the young ones. Kuya Kim Atienza and medical doctor Sonny Viloria give information about "superfoods." Elite Aerial Arts co-founder and instructor Nesh Zamora talks about aerial arts as a form of fitness. AC Bonifacio learns some aerial arts routines and information about aerial arts equipment.


Matanglawin with English Subtitles


Accompany Kim Atienza as he travels across the Philippines in of new and interesting information about the unique ecology of our own little plot of earth on this blue planet. As a naturalist and explorer, he will seek out and illuminate nature’s mysteries, demystify myths and legends, and showcase the cultural and natural heritage of the Philippines. Whether it’s exploring the beautiful landscapes or taking on the local wildlife, this program promises to offer the wonders of environmental science with equal parts of adventure.With English Subtitles.



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