“Mission Possible” sees how love and music helped former street urchin Marjon “Bakal” Pajaroja let go of his vices, start a new life, and eventually lend aid to other people in need. Pajaroja talks about how living in the streets of Recto, Manila toughened him up, and recalls how late social worker Adrian “Butch” Nerja taught him to dream. Lazer Music then gives Pajaroja a new guitar and a notebook. Pajaroja also receives livelihood materials from the Rotary Club of Tondo, a shoe repair kit from Clyde Premium Shoe Cleaner, and a sack of rice from “Mission Possible.” Later, “Bakal” sings his song “Ako Nang Magtutuloy” in front of late social worker “Butch’s” burial place.


Mission Possible


Discover stories of ordinary people with hearts as big as their dreams and the determination to make it happen through Mission Possible. Join Mission Possible host Julius Babao as he seeks out stories of people who have managed to make their seemingly impossible goals a reality on Mission Possible.


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