As Carlos (Paulo Avelino) finds justice for his best friend’s death, will he also find forgiveness in his heart and welcome his family back into his life, especially when he learns that the man whom he considers his father killed the one and only person that he trusted and loved with all his heart? But the truth won’t come out that easy as Lorenzo (Edu Manzano) plots another wicked plan. This time, it involves the person who serves as a common link between brothers Gael (Jericho Rosales) and Carlos— Mia (Maja Salvador).


    Bridges of Love


    A story like no other, which shares the tale of two brothers, Gael (Jericho Rosales) and Carlos (Paulo Avelino), who were bound by their promise but separated by an unfortunate tragedy. Then love bridges the distance between Gael and Carlos as they both fall for one woman — Mia (Maja Salvador), a club dancer who happens to be Gael’s greatest love and the woman who healed Carlos’ broken heart. Will their love for Mia be the ultimate test to their brotherhood? In the end, will love be the cure, or will it create an irreconcilable gap that will tear them apart permanently?


    Drama Romance