"Agreeing to fight each other without using their powers, Noah and Anton engage in a fierce battle, but Anton soon breaks the agreement and uses his abilities to defeat Noah. To save her beloved Noah, Lyka tries to fool Anton by feigning affection, but the latter quickly discovers her motive and retaliates by hurting Noah further. When Anton turns his attention to Lyka, Noah grabs the opportunity to stab his opponent, but in a final bid to shatter all hopes for the lovers to be together, Anton fires a bullet, which Noah courageously takes to protect Lyka. With Noah lifeless in her arms, Lyka realizes that her strength and will to live died with him, and she uses the last ounce of energy she has in taking her own life. With a love as forbidden but as bravely fought as Lyka and Noah’s, is death their only hope for freedom? "




    This is the story of two opposing clans – the Luna and the Waya. The members of the Luna clan have a grudge against the werewolves while the Waya want to live peacefully with humans. Because of this, they put their last hope on the strongest among the Wayas – Lyka (Angel Locsin). But things change when she crosses paths with Noah (Piolo Pascual), the skillful army man and bodyguard of the woman she works for, who she eventually falls in love with. Will they defy their differences and duties for the sake of love?
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