It's the beginning of a new life for Grace (Jessy Mendiola) and the Fontanillas.


    You're My Home with English Subtitles


    Twelve-year-old Grace Fontanilla (Jessy Mendiola) comes from a modest family. Her mother, Marian (Dawn Zulueta), is a simple housewife who gave up her dream of becoming a renowned fashion designer to take care of her husband and kids. Her father, Gabriel (Richard Gomez), is a principled public attorney who will do whatever it takes to provide for his wife and children. Their simple and quiet life changes when Gabriel handles a controversial case of frustrated homicide against the notorious son of a senator, Christian Vergara (JC De Vera). To provide for his family especially to their sickly son, Vince (Paul Salas), Gabriel decides to accept a lucrative job in a private law firm. Suddenly, the family is thrust into a different life. Grace starts to struggle in coping with her family's new lifestyle. During a rebellious streak, Grace leaves their house to be with her friends. Her brother Rahm and their housemaid attempt to run after her, leaving the youngest son Vince alone inside the house. Hours later, Grace learns about the shocking news that will soon change her life and test their family: Vince is kidnapped. The search for Vince leads to the senator's son, Christian, as the suspect of the kidnapping. Soon, Vince's shoe is found inside Christian's car. He is then convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. The case will have its closure but the family will never recover Vince. As the tragedy takes its toll on Marian and Gabriel's relationship, they eventually decide to part ways.


    Drama Romance