"Together, Gabriel (Gerald Anderson) and Bianca (Kim Chiu) do everything to overcome the final battle of their love story."


    Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin with English Subtitles


    Bianca (Kim Chiu) and Gabriel (Gerald Anderson) are childhood friends that are both determined to give their families a bright future. With her dreams for her family, Bianca aspires to become a triathlete to provide for their needs. Gabriel also carries the same aspirations, facing life’s struggles head on for his family. As they reach for their dreams, they also experience love for the first time together. However, they will eventually part ways as Bianca leaves their province to save her father’s life from his illness. As they live their separate lives, they will take on different journeys that will keep them away from each other. But love will reunite their paths as they once again see each other in a triathlon event of TigerShark, headed by Carlos (Jake Cuenca), the man who will come between their love. Being the number one triathlete in the country, Carlos is not used to failure and always seeks the approval ofhis father. To further ensure the success of his company, he hires Bianca as an endorser, but later on falls for her, despite his ex-girlfriend Isabelle (Coleen Garcia) being against with it. This sparks the battle between Carlos and Gabriel not only in triathlon, but also for Bianca’s love. Their fight for their love and dreams also gets even more complicated as secrets from the past threatened to destroy their love and their lives. Will Gabriel and Bianca still be able to reach their dreams together? Can Carlos succeed in destroying their love for each other? Will Gabriel and Bianca be able to fight for their love and dreams?