As Victor's (Albert Martinez) murder case comes to a close, Enzo (Jerome Ponce), Calvin (Nash Aguas), Obet (McCoy de Leon), and Joseph (Joshua Garcia) embark on a new chapter of their lives.


The Good Son


Two families that crossed paths due to a tragedy – the Buenavidez family that lives in wealth and the Reyes family that strives to survive. In the sudden death of Victor (Albert Martinez), his deepest secret will be revealed that Olivia (Eula Valdez) and his two sons, Enzo (Jerome Ponce) and Calvin (Nash Aguas) are not the only ones that own his heart. They share it with Raquel (Mylene Dizon) and her son with Victor, Joseph (Joshua Garcia). For the lost years that he was not able to spend with Joseph, Victor wants to make it up to him, but his life was cut short. In knowing the truth behind Victor’s death, secrets will be reveled from both families. Will justice still prevail if the one that killed Victor is one of his loved ones?


Drama Suspense



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