Martin (Richard Yap) once again proposes to Mona (Jodi Sta. Maria) after he managed to fulfill the two signs she asked from the universe.


    Sana Dalawa Ang Puso


    Lisa and Mona (both played by Jodi Sta. Maria) are two different people with identical faces but are both facing big ordeals in their lives. Lisa is known to be a strict and hardworking boss in their family business, the Laureano Group of Companies. However, her world suddenly turns upside down when her father, Juancho Laureano (Christopher de Leon), betrothed her to their rival’s son, Martin Co (Richard Yap). In order for her to run away from the responsibility, she decides to hide and live with one of their workers, Leo Tabayoyong (Robin Padilla). Her doppelganger Mona, on the other hand, who works as a collector of bets in cockfights, is struggling to save his father from peril after the latter got involved in a networking scam. What will happen when the two cross paths? Will they be able to solve each other’s problems?