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“The Bottomline” learns a thing or two about success, leadership, and love from three respected motivational speakers in the country. Writer, actor, and fashion designer Manu Respall, also known as MR Speaks, explains the undeniable connection between love and pain. Voice Care Philippines executive director Ada Cuaresma talks about her unique discourse on leadership. When in Manila founder and CEO Vince Golangco talks about the “formula” of success. The three speakers discuss their measures of success, and their respective personal brands.


The Bottomline with Boy Abunda


Watch the Philippines' King of Talk, Boy Abunda, in this one of a kind talk show that is as incisive as it is unique in its format and high in concept: The Bottom Line. Every night, Boy Abunda will be joined by a select group of Bottom Liners on different sides of the issue and from different walks of life, all of them with questions that demand an answer. Tito Boy himself will conduct the interview, moderating the discussion and extracting the answers to the questions that the Bottomliners wish to pose to the guest. It’s a talk show that is not all just banter but heavy on process and procedure. Truly a talk show program unlike any other!


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