Failon Ngayon tackles the pros and cons of the Rice Tariffication Law, which seeks to provide affordable rice prices for consumers and to make farming globally competitive. The program delves into the law's benefits to the productivity and competitiveness of the local rice farming industry, and how it helps stabilize the inflation rate in the country. It also examines the living condition of rice farmers from different provinces after the law was enacted last February. The program then reveals the defective and unutilized farming machineries provided by the government to supposedly help in rice production. Finally, it tackles the irrigation problem that has been hounding the local farming industry for many years now.


    Failon Ngayon


    Join veteran newscaster Ted Failon as he covers the most controversial topics and poses the hard questions to the hottest personalities of the week–whether they are politicians, government officials, or working for private agencies–all in the pursuit of the truth. Tune in to Failon Ngayon to listen to Ted Failon's hard-hitting commentaries about the latest issues in news and current affairs. Failon Ngayon is more than just an informative program, it's a two-way dialogue between Ted Failon and the public. It's a forum where different voices and perspectives can be heard. Failon Ngayon also features extraordinary stories on ordinary Filipinos who live extraordinary lives. Watch Ted Failon deliver inspiring stories and informative insights in Failon Ngayon.


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