"#NoFilter" features the coming out stories of trans woman Amber Quiban and trans man Sky Teotico. Quiban, who was raised in a conservative family, recalls how she had dealt with her father's untoward reaction to her sexual orientation. Teotico, meanwhile, opens up about his post-procedure dysphoria and struggles during the transition stage. The two then discuss the medications necessary for the transition stage, and the health risks of its unsupervised administration. Lastly, Quiban and Teotico stress the importance of coming out and having a support group as members of the LGBT community.




#NOFILTER tells narratives that inspire and empower the Filipino through different lenses. Using the most accessible gadgets and other recording devices, #NOFILTER gives the power to tell riveting stories not only to reporters, producers, and directors, but also to the different people featured in each episode.



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