As the Manilaners reminisce on their years of refuge in the Philippines, Margot Pins-Kestenbaum, Lotte Cassel-Hershfield, and Max Weissler express their deepest gratitude to the only country that opened its doors when everyone one else refused. The three Manilaners also talk about how the Filipino's compassion and hospitality gave them warmth after years of living with terror and agony, later creating a strong bond with the Jewish people especially in times of need.


    The Last Manilaners


    As told from the perspective of a child growing up during the height of World War II, this documentary looks back on the lives of Jews in the Philippines while in refuge after Manuel L. Quezon’s landmark Open Doors Policy that welcomed 1,300 Jews to the country. A detailed retelling of stories of tragedies, reunions, survival, and the eventual human triumphs that happened during this untold part of Philippine history.


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