There are rumors circulating in Baryo Mahayop about a black kitten named Pawpaw seeking new friends and shelter. An old belief about black cats bringing misfortune urge not only Baryo Mahayop’s townspeople but also its forest animals, to deny the poor cat’s needs. Jet, on the other hand, is out to prove that the old belief is false. Together with the Pet Rangers, they devise a plan and use a trap to unveil Pawpaw’s truest intentions. But before they even get know more about Pawpaw, a great tribulation unfolds just near Baryo Mahayop’s mountainous regions. Will Jet and the Pet Rangers be able to save not only Pawpaw, but the entirety of Baryo Mahayop from the disaster threatening them?


    Jet and the Pet Rangers


    Join the adventures of Jet together with his pet heroes as they go altogether to rescue animals in need.




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