Carlo Matibay (Khalil Ramos) is a shy and socially awkward teenager who enjoys alone time at the rice fields near his home. Hopeless around girls, the only ones privy to Carlo’s confident side are his pet cows and his best buddy, Top. Once Carlo becomes smitten with the campus cute girl Nina (Elisse Joson), he must turn to his hidden talent: poetry. He begins following Nina around, leaving her little anonymous gifts accompanied by beautiful poems on sticky notes. To his surprise, Carlo meets Nina face-to-face and she asks him for help with a beauty pageant. He soon becomes friends with his crush and discovers that her beauty is not only skin deep. Carlo’s confidence grows as he gets closer to Nina, but he also finds out how much, or how little, his poetry aligns with reality.


    Ampalaya Chronicles: Adik


    Carlo (Khalil) is secretly in love with Nina (Elisse). He stalks her and sends her sweets to “show” his love, until one day, an opportunity arises and the two finally meet. Nina asks the help of Carlo’s grandfather to compose a poem which she could use as a talent performance in the beauty contest she desperately wants to win. Knowing that his grandson (Carlo) is secretly in love with Nina, he prods Carlo to help Nina instead. As the poem verses are written, the two become closer as they get to know each other. It’s like a dream come true for Carlo. On the day of the pageant, Nina performed the poem as a song and took full credit for composing it. Carlo’s world crumbles in an instant because it turned out that he was being “used” by Nina all along.


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